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Information for SOK Students

We happily welcome you to Sharklab-Malta and will help you carry out your Systems of Knowledge Project. 

Here you will find important information on working with us on your projects.

CURRENTLY FULL. No more applications will be accepted until January 2023.



SOK students are welcome to attend any of the events listed on the Sharklab-Malta calendar. There are plenty of things happening and lots of other things to discover. Please note that you need to have a diving qualification to be able to dive, otherwise you can snorkel instead. 

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST register beforehand if you would like to attend an event, so that we have sufficient materials and committee members to support you. If you do not pre-register, then unfortunately we will not be able to let you take part.


As per the SOK project booklet, students are requited to carry out a minimum of 20 voluntary hours. 

Hours logged at each event cannot exceed 3 hours. You are of course welcome to stay longer or leave earlier. 

We organise an annual SOK Projects Fair in October each year. During this event, students are welcome to attend, display and discuss their activities with Sharklab-Malta members and the public.


Students carrying out their projects with Sharklab-Malta are required to complete a minimum of three hours every month. 

Projects should be completed by the end of September. 

You are free to do more hours per month.


Regular meetings will be held to sign off the hours and give assistance as required. 

The hours can also be signed off during each event. 

A log of the attendance of the hours will be kept by the Sharklab-Malta SOK Coordinator. 

We have a Facebook group where we do regular updates. We advise students to join.

For upcoming events, please regularly check our online calendar & pre-register.

The SOK portal can also be used to share students’ work and photos. Students are encouraged to write articles which we can then publish on the site to share with other students.

If you would like to know more...

You will find a copy of the 2021 SOK student contract agreement here.


If you are interested in completing your SOK project with us, or would like more information, please get in touch at

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