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Adopt a shark

Sharklab-Malta was the first NGO in the world to grow their own sharks from eggs taken from dead females. By taking the eggs from recently caught females from the Maltese wholesale fish market, we give these eggs a chance of survival. With your support and the help of Malta National Aquarium, we are able to keep these eggs in a safe environment until they hatch. Once the juveniles are old enough, we can release these young sharks back into the wild, where they belong.

shark egg 1.jpg
shark egg 2.jpg
shark egg 3.jpg

Why adopt a shark

When you adopt a shark, not only are you funding our work here at Sharklab-Malta, but you will also receive lots of interesting information and content about your individual shark. 

What do I get by adopting a shark?

How do I adopt a shark?

  • The shark adoption pack - includes details of the egg recovery, the shark release program and great facts about the the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula)

  • A picture of your shark

  • A real shark eggcase

  • Information about when we will be releasing your shark, so you can come along!

  • Complete the Adopt a Shark form

  • Make the Adopt a Shark payment (€25)

The Adopt a Shark form and the Adopt a Shark payment can both be found below.

Step 1: Adopt a Shark form

Step 2: Adopt a Shark payment

Thank you for completing an Adopt a Shark form!

You're nearly there! The final step is to make a payment of €25 to become an official Sharklab-Malta shark adopter!

Thank you for adopting a shark. You have helped to add one more shark to Meditterranean waters.

The “Adopt a Shark” campaign is part of the “Oviparous species Recovery and Release Program”, which is coordinated by Sharklab-Malta and supported by the Malta National Aquarium. This campaign is focused on education and will also help to raise funds for the running of this campaign and to enable Sharklab-Malta to undertake further research.

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