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What we do

Sharklab-Malta is a Malta-based NGO working to protect elasmobranchs in Meditterranean waters. Our main objectives are to raise awareness about sharks, skates and rays, increase research efforts, and contribute to conservation on all levels. We are a registered non-profit organisation run by a committed team of volunteers.

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Here at Sharklab-Malta, we have multiple different projects running to allow us to adopt a multifaceted approach to elasmobranch conservation. Our main projects are:

  • Elasmobranch research

  • Shark recovery and release

  • Fly with Bull Rays project

  • Nursehound tagging

Community engagement

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Community engagement

With our experienced team of educators, Sharklab-Malta engages with local schools to educate children about shark biology and conservation. Educating children at this young age is key for instigating community-wide engagement with marine conservation, and for positively changing societal attitudes towards sharks.

Our projects

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