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Our mission

The ocean needs sharks. We need the ocean. We need sharks.

Sharklab-Malta is a non-profit, voluntary organisation based in Malta dedicated to research, education and raising awareness about elasmobranchs (sharks, rays, skates and chimaera) in Mediterranean waters.



If we are to conserve elasmobranchs in Mediterranean waters, we need to understand their biology. Here at Sharklab-Malta, we conduct research on shark releases, methods for rearing sharks from eggs, and on elasmobranch distribution and diversity in Maltese waters.


One of the most effective ways to instil change in the public perception and attitude towards sharks is to educate them about sharks. The majority of negative attitudes towards sharks arise from their unrealistic, often aggressive portrayal in the media. Sharklab-Malta strives to educate people of all ages to improve public understanding of elasmobranchs.

Raise awareness

In order to support elasmobranch populations, we need to work together. Sharklab-Malta organises and leads education and awareness events to allow the general public and stakeholders to understand the threats facing elasmobranchs, why we need to help them, and how we can help them.

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