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It is with pleasure we introduce you to our new project ELASMO!

Elasmo is our mascot, a curious blue shark, ready with his yellow submarine to go on adventures to explore the ocean, it’s creatures and the challenges it faces.

Each of his adventures will be made up as an ebook, and delivered to you in the form of a link. We suggest it is best to use this online if you can, as there are interactive parts to each chapter. We do however offer a downloadable PDF version as well, in case you prefer to use it offline.

Elasmo is a project funded by Erasmus+, aimed to provide marine based digital education for everyone, but developed with students aged 8-12 in mind. We focus on the ocean and Elasmobranchs (sharks and rays), along with other marine based topics.

You can read about Elasmo's adventures in English, Maltese, Spanish or Catalan!

chapter 1.png

Chapter 1: Welcome to ELASMO!

To meet your newest underwater friend, just click on the picture! 

Click here for a video introduction to the ELASMO project!

Click here for an exciting introduction activity!

Know-Want-Learn (KWL)

Here is  our KWL (know-want-learn) activity, a great warm up to the whole Elasmo project or for each new chapter you read. Have a look at the instructions to know how to use it! 

chapter 2.png

Chapter 2: An Adventure in Time

Why not play a game of snakes and ladders with ELASMO and learn about the history of life on Earth?

Click here to access the snakes and ladders template.

Click here to access teacher notes for the game.

Click here for teacher notes for the e-book.

Click here for a reading of the e-book.

chapter 3.png

Chapter 3: My Life Underwater

In Chapter 3 of ELASMO's adventures, we learn all about his life underwater!

Click here to access an activity sheet. Click here to access the answers.

Click here to watch a video all about sharks like ELASMO.

chapter 4.png

Chapter 4: ELASMO Goes To The Doctor

In Chapter 4, join ELASMO on his trip to the doctor!

Click here to access a fun maze activity. Click here for the solution.

Click here for teacher notes on the e-book.

Click here for a fun video about shark senses.

Chapter 5_edited.jpg

Chapter 5: Biodiversity

In Chapter 5, learn all about biodiversity with your favourite underwater friend!

Click here and here to access two fun card games!

Click here for a video about biodiversity in sharks!


Chapter 6: An ocean full of problems

Click here for a video about the problems facing our oceans.

Click here for a game about the problems facing our oceans, and here for the answers to this game.


Chapter 7: Citizen Science

Click here for information for teachers.

Click here for a video about citizen scientists!

Click here for an activity.

Click here for a template with spaces, and here for a blank template.

Click here for a drawing template.


Chapter 8: Sharks and Extinction

Click here for a video about this chapter.

Click here and here for two fun crossword activities! Click here and here for the solutions to each crossword respectively.

With special thanks to our project funder – Erasmus+


Developed by:

Sharklab Malta in Malta,

Association LAMNA in Spain

Marine Dimensions in Ireland

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