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Open Sessions

Due to popular demand, Sharklab-Malta are pleased to offer monthly open sessions where any of our supporters, members or guests can join us for a themed talked, followed by an interactive question and answer session. You will find recordings below in case you missed them live.

In the first of a series of online open sessions, Sharklab Malta shares a few of the myths and stories about the remarkable island of Filfla, and then talks about findings from the many research dives taken there.

We also share three reports covering the approach and findings of our research over a number of years. 

Report 1 - 2013​​

Report 2 - 2013​​

Report 3 - 2013​​

Open Session - Cats, Hounds and Mermaids

In this open session, Sharklab Malta shares some interesting information about shark and skate eggcases, the important role they play in the development of baby skates and sharks, and how to identify eggcases when you find them on the beach or in the water. We also share different approaches to doing your own eggcase hunt – we hope you have fun exploring and let us know what you find!

Below you will find links to some useful websites and articles on eggcases and the development of sharks and skates that will help you learn more.



Open Session - Sharks in Film

We hope you enjoy the next of our Sharklab Malta Open Sessions. This time we will explore Sharks in Film.

We will consider how they were filmed from the early days onwards, how they have been portrayed, and what the implications for their public perception.

Open Session - Filfa

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