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SOK Project Ideas

There are so many great things that you could do for your SOK project with Sharklab-Malta. Here’s a list of ideas which might help you.

  • Design and create educational posters 

  • Generate a survey to gauge the perception people have about sharks around the Maltese Islands

  • Organise a clean up

  • Organise a fundraising activity to generate funds for Sharklab-Malta

  • Research and write an article about a species of Elasmobranch which can be used online or in a newsletter

  • Carry out dissections on various species 

  • Create an accurate model of a shark, skate or ray

  • Visit the fish market and collect data

  • Create interesting fact sheets and quizzes

  • Participate in egg case searches 

  • Create a simple egg case identification guide

  • Create a booklet about different species of sharks, skates and rays

  • Create a short video on different aspects of Sharklab 

  • Produce website content and write blogs

  • Investigate the role of social media in promoting the work and research of Sharklab

  • Create an informational booklet designed for children to teach them about the marine environment

  • Create children’s activities which can be used at awareness activities or given out at presentations

  • Create an interactive sightings map of sharks, skates and rays

  • Create an interactive map of eggcase search locations incorporating information on techniques to find egg cases during a search

The list is endless so if you have any ideas, please get in touch. 

We are happy to hear more from you.

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